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To Use This Report

All of the numbers and charts below are based on running your MARC records database through Mitinet™ Library Services software.

Note: Percentages in this report are rounded. If less than .5% of applicable records, % will be 0.

Holdings by location

Locations Analyzed:

Location Number of Holdings Number of Records

Collection Types Status

Collection standardization allows for easier database management and helps reduce record duplication. Consistent call number prefixes are especially important when you are preparing to merge catalogs. Use this information to view any inconsistencies in your call numbers.

Holdings by Collection Details Click to open

Collection Number of Holdings % of Total

Call Number Prefix Details Click to open

Collection Prefix Number of Holdings

Unassigned Call Number Prefix Details Click to open

Call Number Number of Holdings

Note: The Unassigned collection type contains records that fall outside of our standard collection categories. Records with unassigned collection types are not necessarily in error, as you may have records with special collection designations in your library.

Cataloging Standards - AACR2 / RDA

RDA is the latest set of rules for organizing and classifying bibliographic information, transitioning from AACR2 rules, which were initially designed to put as much information as possible on a small card. RDA is designed for the digital age, meaning that more information can be added to the MARC record, making it more accessible.

AACR2 of records
RDA of records

RDA Conversion & Repair

While mixed record standards are allowed, some libraries like to convert all records to have a consistent database. RDA Conversion converts your AACR2 records to the RDA format while RDA Repair inspects your existing RDA records and ensures they properly adhere to the RDA standards.

RDA Conversion RDA Repair
Add Content (336), Media (337), and Carrier (338) fields:
Move 260 fields to 264 fields:
Expand abbreviations to new terminology:

RDA requires Content (336), Media (337), and Carrier (338) fields, which collectively describe the material designation for each specific MARC record.

The Publishers, Distributors, Manufacturers and Copyright notices from the 260 field are moved to 264 fields, depending on the data in the original field. This better acknowledges multiple contributors to materials and allows more information about the material to be added to the record.

RDA uses full words instead of abbreviations. Nearly 100 terms are converted from their abbreviations to the new RDA standard terminology. It also formats dates to a single, consistent format and standardizes the handling of unnumbered pages, leaves and plates.

MARC Record Fields Status

Fixing technical errors and adding in missing fields cleans up your database, making it more efficient, and easier to maintain. Improving the quality of your MARC records also helps items circulate and reduces the amount of time library staff spends helping patrons find the materials they need.

Technical and Syntax Errors

Technical and syntax errors create problems with MARC records that may make it difficult or impossible for them to circulate. The following problems can be repaired automatically.

Incorrect Date of Publication control field:
Incorrect Place of Publication control field:
Incorrect Running Time control field:
Incorrect Language control field:
Incorrect Title non-filing indicator:
Invalid or missing indicators:
Invalid characters:
Punctuation/ISBD Errors:
Extraneous leading blanks:

Key Search Fields Status

Records with no title: of records
Records missing Summary Note (520): of records
Records with no subject headings: of records
Non-fiction with no 505: of Non-fiction
Non-fiction with 505 but no 740: of Non-fiction
Videos with no run time: of Videos

Records with no Author

Note that not having information in the Author field is not always an error.

Collection # of Records % of Records in Collection

Missing Fields

Call Number (082): of records
Publication Date: of records
Publisher: of records
Records with 440 but no 490: of records
Pagination for Books: of Books
Extent for Non-books: of Non-books
E-Books missing the 856 field: of E-Books

Missing Holding Fields

Records with no holdings: of records
E-Books with no holdings: of E-Books
Price: of holdings
Acquisition Date: of holdings
Location: of holdings
Barcode: of holdings
Call Number: of holdings

9xx Fields

Records containing 9xx fields: of records

9xx Field Counts by Tag Click to open

Tag Count

Brief Record Summary

Brief records hinder the discoverability of your records due to missing search fields. If a record is determined to be brief, Mitinet can search for a new replacement record and move identifiable data from the original record to the replacement.

Brief book records: of books

The following are a sample set of brief records from your database. Click on a sample to open a side-by-side comparison of the original record and a full record that was found that could replace it.

    Award Notes

    Award information may be missing from a MARC record because the award was announced after the item was purchased. Listing awards in your records is especially valuable for schools where teachers want to include quality, award-winning materials in their curriculum planning.

    This section identifies the number of records where available award information isn't currently in your record. We can also provide a list of awards for your state, upon request.

    National Award Notes: missing
    State Awards for : missing

    Subject Headings

    Enhanced, accurate subject headings are one way to get the most out of your library collection. This summary report contains "big picture" data on the current state of your subject headings. To see detailed charts by collection type, tag and subject terminology type, click on the Subject Headings detail buttons below.

    Subject Headings Overview

    Total Non-standard % Non-standard Obsolete % Obsolete
    Sears of Sears of Sears
    LC of LC of LC
    LCAC of LCAC of LCAC

    Non-standard indicates an entry that isn't an official subject authority term but is not necessarily an error.

    Obsolete indicates an entry that used to be an official term but has changed. These terms can be updated to the new standard terms.

    Subject Headings by Type & Collection Click to open

    Collection Sears LC LCAC Other
    Total Non-standard Obsolete Total Non-standard Obsolete Total Non-standard Obsolete

    Subject Heading Counts and Missing Subject Types

    Mitinet Library Services™ recommends at least three up-to-date subject headings per MARC record.

    # of Records
    0 Subject Headings of records
    1 Subject Heading of records
    2 Subject Headings of records
    3+ Subject Headings of records
    No Sears of records
    No LC of records
    No LCAC of records

    The number of records without a particular Subject Heading Type (Sears, Library of Congress, Library of Congress Childrens) varies according to the subject heading type your library uses. A large number of records missing a particular subject heading type is only a problem if that is the type you require.

    Subject Heading Counts by Type & Collection Click to open

    Collection Number of Records Subject Headings No Sears No LC No LCAC
    0 1 2 3+

    Subject Heading Counts by Tag Click to open

    Tag Count

    Other Subject Statuses

    Libraries often request subject heading corrections for outdated terminology or subjects, such as the use of the word "Juvenile". Mitinet™ also offers optional Kid-Friendly™ terminology, adding additional fields containing subject headings with the words people actually use to search, such as "bugs" or "spiders" for "arachnids".

    Book records missing 655 field: of Books
    Biographies with no 600: of Biography
    Subject headings containing "Juvenile fiction": of subjects
    Subject headings containing "Juvenile literature": of subjects
    Kid-friendly™ terms to add:

    Reading Programs

    If your database seems to have an inadequate number of materials that fit your chosen reading program, updating existing materials already in your collection with accurate Lexile® and reading program information makes sense. Why buy new materials when you can use materials you already have?

    Records with... Current Change Add % increase in measured books
    Accelerated Reader 360® % increase
    Fountas & Pinnell® % increase
    % increase
    with Mitinet Measures % increase
    Reading Counts!® % increase

    Current indicates records that already have an up-to-date reading program measure.

    Change indicates records that already have a reading program measure but there is a revised or updated measure available.

    Add indicates records that do not have a reading program measure but a measure exists and could be added.

    Mitinet Measures™ is a solution used only for books that don't have a certified Lexile Measure®. In some cases, the combination of Lexile Measures and Mitinet Measures can almost double the hit rate in a K-12 library database. While no correlation is perfect, Mitinet Measures comes within 50 points (+ or -) of the potential Lexile Level, 92% of the time, making it that much easier to enhance MARC records with searchable information about a book's text complexity. Once a Lexile Measure becomes available, it replaces the Mitinet Measure data.

    Duplicate Records Summary

    Many databases have duplicate records for a variety of reasons. If you have duplicates you want to eliminate, then Mitinet can help.

    Click on a row to see sample details of books with Duplicate Field Entries. This section offers you some insight into the number of records in your database which may be duplicates. Only the first 50 of each category are displayed.

    Title, Author, Publisher:

    Title Author Publisher Count

    Title, Author, Publisher, Date:

    Title Author Publisher Date Count

    Title, Author, Publisher, Date, Pagination:

    Title Author Publisher Date Pagination Count

    What's next?

    Your Mitinet Library Services representative is happy to answer any questions about the data shown in this report and work with you to suggest which products and services are most beneficial to your organization.

    Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your database great.

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