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Subject Enrichment


The Subject Heading Updates Enhancement contains several different options for adding or updating Subject Headings, one of which is Subject Enrichment.

Subject Enrichment searches records for existing terms and adds or replaces those terms with new ones. Mitinet™ has lists of existing terms to run as provided (such as Kid friendly terms), and individual list items can be customized. User-created lists are also supported.


Options for Subject Enrichment are stored in your Profile. Click on the Profile link at the top of the page or select the My Records > Options > Profile Settings menu item.

Within the Profile, go to the Enhancements tab and scroll down to Subject Heading Updates > Subject Enrichment

Subject Enrichment Groups

A checkbox displays to the left of each group containing items. Check the group to perform updates for that group. The number in parenthesis contains the number of subject enrichment items that are turned on in that group.

BestMARC contains default groups, such as Kid friendly, which adds kid friendly subjects based on official headings, such as adding "Spiders" when "Arachnids" is found.


Click Customize to turn on and off individual items, or create your own groups and items. The following screen will open:

Subject Enrichment Customization

Subjects are organized into Enrichment Groups. Click the arrow next to a group to show the individual items. Check the boxes next to subjects to turn them on or off within its group.

  • Click a row to select it. Depending on the state of the row, additional options may be enabled as detailed below.

  • Grid Columns:

    • Add Subject - The subject term that will be added, or the name of the group if it has an arrow next to it. Click the arrow to expand the group. Check the box to enable that subject enrichment to process when the group is turned on.

    • For Term - The subject is added if this term is found in your record.

    • In Tag - Field(s) in your record to search for the For Term.

    • Source - The type of subject to add. Typically LC, LCAC, Sears, or another source specified in subfield $2.

    • Group - The enrichment group that the subject is a part of. Groups can be turned on or off on the main profile screen.

    • Row Action - Action to perform on a row when Save is clicked. Clicking Cancel will lose these changes.

  • Toolbar Buttons:

    • New - Create a new subject enrichment term on the details dialog (see below).

    • Modify - Modify an existing subject enrichment term on the details dialog (see below).

    • Revert to Default - Resets the options for a pre-defined enrichment to the default options. Disabled for user-defined enrichments.

    • Delete - Deletes a user-defined enrichment. Disabled for pre-defined enrichments.

    • Help - Opens this help page

Details Dialog

Click the New or Modify buttons to open the details dialog:

Subject Enrichment Details

Use this dialog to make changes to an existing enrichment setting or add a new one. Enrichment settings consist of a group, conditions to search for existing text, and the subject details to add when that text is found.

  • Enrichment Group - The group of terms that this enrichment belong with. Groups can be turned on and off on the main profile screen. The group can only be changed for user-defined enrichments.

    Choose Create New Group to type in a new group name. When creating a new group, remember to check it on the main profile screen to begin processing the new group

  • Add subject when text is found - Whether this enrichment will be processed or not. If unchecked, Subject Enrichment will not search for or add subjects. This is equivalent to checking or unchecking the item on the Customization screen.

  • Add Subject

    • Subject Text - The text of the subject to add in subfield $a of a new subject.

      • Add additional subfields by entering the pattern _$x_ (underscore, dollar sign, subfield code, underscore, subfield text). Anything before the first pattern will be placed automatically in subfield $a.

        For example:

        Airplanes_$x_Design and Construction

    • Tag - The subject tag for the new subject. Typically a 3-digit number like 650 or 655.

    • Subject Source - The source for the new subject. Used to properly set the tag's Indicator 1 value.

      • Use Set source in subfield $2 to set the field's indicator and a box will appear to type in the text to put into subfield $2.

  • When text is found

    • Search Term - The term to search for in the specified Tags. All subfields are searched.

    • In Tag(s) - The tags or a range of tags to search for the Search Term. Separate tags with space or comma. This is typically a 3-digit number like 650 or 655 or range like 600-699.

    • Options

      • Match full subfield - When checked, the entire subfield must match to add the new subject. If unchecked, only part of the subfield must match.

      • Delete original field - When checked and a subject is found in $a, the original found field is deleted.

Click Ok to keep changes. The Row Action column will change to Modified or Added but will not be committed until Save is clicked on the Customization page.

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