Change Log


  • New Brief to Full enhancement
  • Regular Expressions are now validated when saving a Global Edit and will give an error if invalid
  • Convert to RDA: when adding subfields to existing RDA fields, ensure they are in the proper MARC subfield order
  • Improved character set encodings for Search More Server records
  • Fixed crash in profile Custom Columns if user enters a comma between subfields
  • New Full Circle Service page for those who need to manually send files
  • All book & eBook material types are now included in reading program calculations for diagnostic reports
  • Updated Award Notes Enhancement to include adult awards from Agatha Awards, National Book Awards, PEN America Literary Awards, American Book Award, Andrew Carnegie Medal of Excellence, National Book Critics Circle Awards, Women's Prize for Fiction, RITA Awards, Mathical Book Prize, and National Outdoor Book Awards in addition to our extensive list of existing award sources


  • Changed RDA Media (337) and RDA Carrier (338) definitions for Sound Recording - Non-musical - Online material type
  • New feature to Send Records in My Records to another BestMARC user
  • New Beta feature: Browse & Quick Editor to view records, print, and quickly edit subfields
  • Updated to MARC Bibiliographic Update 28 Addendum Changes (July 2019)
  • Records > Refresh has been renamed Reload
  • Fixed Title to exclude non-filing characters when sorting
  • Fixed issue where Grid sometimes selected different item after a record was edited
  • Fixed Selections that specified a range of data fields not working correctly
  • Fixed numeric conditions not working properly when there was a prefix before the number
  • Fixed timeout error when deleting users
  • Updated to MARC Bibiliographic Update 28
  • New global edit action to set today's date in a number of different formats
  • New global edit condition to match against a Regular Expression
  • Find and Replace now supports Regular Expressions
  • New "Move to list" function
  • Delete confirmation now offers option to Remove From List to help avoid accidental deletion when a list is selected
  • Update and Restore Checkpoints now asks for confirmation
  • My Records now has a Checkpoints menu for easier access
  • Call Number column has improved Dewey number sorting
  • Fixed date formatting in My Records
  • Fixed bug where a quick left-click then right-click was treated as a double-click
  • Improved UI for restricting Reading Program Enhancement sites in profile
  • Import file now supports the *.marc file extension
  • New Condition for checking if a record's given Leader position is a certain value
  • New option for Update Record global edits to update a Leader position to a given value
  • Fix leader field not highlighting differences in preview
  • Improved performance loading My Records
  • Added "Refresh" button to upper-right of My Records grid. This refreshes the My Records grid in case there were issues loading.
  • Fix intermittent problems downloading files
  • New Record Repair option to Fix invalid characters (carriage returns, tabs)
  • Added "All Rows" option to My Records for printing and exporting to Excel. This only appears if the grid has loaded all rows
  • Rows selected using Shift-click now automatically load when needed
  • Status bar at bottom of My Records now shows Selections status, navigation links, and ability to clear all selections
  • Fixed error when running jobs with large numbers of selected records
  • Improved validation of Custom Columns tag field
  • Added conditions to select 'Book - Other' or 'E-book - Other' material types
  • Added conditions to search fields that 'Starts with' or 'Ends with' a value
  • Fixed bug where removing more than 1 selected record from a list did not work
  • My Records now uses "endless scrolling" instead of paging: records are loaded as they are needed when you scroll through the list. Features that used a page at a time now use a sample from the viewing area
  • My Records column filters now have an option to filter using Contains, Equals, Starts With, or Ends With (previously always used Contains)
  • My Records status bar now shows when records are filtered and has a Clear link to remove all filters
  • Added Next Barcode Number button and barcode profile options to easily add new sequential barcode numbers
  • Academic versions have been upgraded to include newer features such as Lists, Selections, Checkpoints, Global Edits, and Workflows


  • BestMARC now uses secure https connections
  • Custom Columns can now include a range of MARC fields
  • Custom Columns new style for subfield identifiers
  • Cataloger window now displays the title of the MARC (245 $a)
  • Edit Template window now displays the name of the template
  • Fixed My Records so it only loads once on initial load
  • Automatically move field to appropriate place in MARC when its tag is changed
  • Automatically move subfield to appropriate place in data field when its identifier is changed
  • Updated to MARC Bibiliographic Update 27
  • Sears headings are now updated to 22nd edition
  • Added Sears Genre terms to Subject Explorer
  • Added option to Allow mixed cataloging standards to change tips, examples, and error checking to use the record's 040 $e to determine the Cataloging Standard
  • Tips and Examples now display either AACR2 or RDA help based on the cataloging standard (using the mixed option if selected)
  • Added call number to card printouts
  • Added feature to show up to 5 custom columns in My Records by setting them in the Profile. Records must be refreshed to see any changes made (see next item).
  • My Records menu item Record > Refresh now reloads all columns in My Records, useful if you change profile options
  • Updated MARC code list for Relators
  • Fixed Global Edit previews to display properly when changing a field's tag
  • Fixed status column issue where error icon was displayed for some records even if there was not an error
  • Account Managers can now Reset Password for multiple users by selecting more than one
  • Fixed an issue where editing Global Edit actions or conditions would open behind the Global Edit configuration window
  • Fixed logging of Global Edit Preview events
  • Fixed some images not showing properly in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed performance issue in Tools pane when browser width is small
  • When adding records to list manually, do not auto-select new lists
  • Added confirmation message after manually adding records to a list
  • New look for all pages
  • Organize records into Lists, and create Selections that add or remove items from Lists. (Global subscriptions)
  • Updated Subject Explorer subject data
  • Header logo clicks now go to BestMARC home
  • Global Editing pane renamed Tools (previously called Edit)
  • Fixed Global Edit Condition when selecting a Copy/Holding subfield with multiple holdings
  • Fixed Global Edit Condition when counting a range of fields
  • View/Print pane closes when cataloger closes
  • Global Edit field/subfield selection box changes. Double-click a field or subfield to auto-select it, or type a value and hit enter to auto-select it
  • Added Include identification labels option to various label types
  • Labels now print page number and location in the margin instead of using first label on page
  • New look for supporting pages (login, change password, user guide, etc.)
  • New Labels & Cards enhancement
  • Updated to MARC Bibiliographic Update 26
  • LC help button now works for the leader field
  • Cataloger Tip window now displays the current position of the cursor for Leader and Control Fields
  • Fixed General Material Designator (245$h) to work with both AACR2 and RDA modes
  • Added Print button to Global Edit / Workflow reports
  • Added Template events to Activity Log
  • Added support for importing MARC files with .dat extension
  • My Records column menus are now always diplayed instead of only on hover
  • Added Templates for Academic version
  • Unread notifications now update when logging into a different browser or computer
  • Fix Add multiple copies to work properly without a barcode
  • Sharing features added to MARC Templates
  • BestMARC documentation added here
  • Updated to MARC Bibiliographic Update 25
  • Reading Program Updates enhancement now generates an Excel file with all change details. The file shows up automatically in Downloads
  • Fixed bug preventing Account page from loading
  • Forgot Username and Forgot Password use updated reCaptcha bot checking
  • Create and manage custom MARC Templates. Under Options, choose Manage Templates... or click the Catalog button on the Create pane
  • Notifications button shows latest activity and announcements
  • Fixed tag cloud bug when searching pages in Internet Explorer
  • Moved the expand/collapse My Records button to the right of the My Records tab
  • Fixed Record Repair options that appeared checked when they were turned off
  • Improved Print and Export to Excel features for My Records, Contacts, and Users
  • New export option: Output all records or Output only records with changes.
  • New option after export: Delete from My Records, Remove records with changes from My Records, or Keep in My Records
  • Export now converts all records based on the MARC Encoding option set in profile (MARC-8 vs UCS/Unicode). Previously this option only applied to records added through BestMARC's Create pane.
  • New menu item Records > Compare or right-click a record to Compare selected record(s) with the latest checkpoint
  • Comparisons now highlight changes at the character level
  • New menu item Records > Refresh to refresh My Records from the server
  • Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut in My Records to select current page of records


  • Added "Send File to Mitinet" item to the My Records File menu
  • Added Print and Export to Excel functions to the My Records File menu
  • New Record Repair Enhancement and associated profile options
  • When comparing records, scrollbars now scroll together when scrolling original record
  • Leader and Control Fields now use monospace font for easier editing
  • Download filters now show downloads for all child organizations as well as selected one
  • Global Edit sharing now includes sharing for parent organizations (ie. district-level sharing)
  • Organization share list is now sorted alphabetically
  • Improved report handling with records with lots of changes
  • New Edit pane and subscription types (BestMARC Plus and BestMARC Global)
  • Download Center redesigned and moved to Downloads tab next to My Records
  • Allow Import directly from Downloads tab
  • Import file size limit removed (now just subject to storage limits on your license). Plus and Global subscriptions can now set Import Options to run a Workflow or Global Edit upon import.
  • Updated to MARC Bibiliographic Update 24
  • Improved cataloger field and subfield menus.
  • Added new Change Field command.
  • Change Field and Change Subfield dialogs now allow you to pick fields/subfields by name or typing one in.
  • Relationship ($4) is now automatically added when Relator term ($e) is selected from a list. Previously, the code was only filled out if the $4 subfield was already in the record.
  • Field menu for subject fields now contains quick "Convert to..." options for changing the subject to Sears, Library of Congress, or Library of Congress Children's headings
  • Split material type "Continuing Resources" into "Continuing Rescoures - Print" and "Continuing Resources - Electronic"
  • Improved Record Printouts
  • Redesigned Account page


  • Copy/Holdings with errors no longer require that the errors be fixed in order to save. They are still marked with an Error icon in the My Records list.
  • Subfields with long text (ie. Summaries, Table of contents) are now resized properly when the Holdings or View Record pane is opened, closed, or resized
  • Top tab heights are now remembered and customizable for each user
  • Fixed bug causing some publishers or dates to not be displayed in search results
  • Updated to MARC Bibiliographic Update 22
  • Improved interface to maximize work space. The top tools pane can now be resized or closed, and the records pane expands to use all available space.
  • New menu above My records grid
    • Added links to import, export, and navigate to different panes
    • Added new option to Delete all items in the records grid without exporting them. Choose Records -> Delete -> All
    • Added links to Profile settings and moved Columns configuration to Options menu
    • Added links to documentation, support, and starting the Search tutorial under the Support menu
  • My records Title column now uses non-filing indicator when sorting
  • Double click between columns to automatically resize based on that column's current page of data
  • Fixed licensing site dropdown sometimes not allowing site selection
  • 9xx fields at the top of the record are now ignored when determining where to insert new data fields (to support LC records)
  • Fixed right-click menu and Actions button in Firefox, no longer scrolls window to top
  • Fixed importing records with carriage returns and line feeds
  • Added new Account page
    • View subscription information
    • View usage statistics by site or user
    • View usage activity log
    • View record storage space used per user
    • New Account Manager functionality to add, edit, or delete user licensing within your organization


  • Special characters menu can now be customized to add desired characters
  • Automatic ISBD Punctuation improvements when adding new subfields to existing fields
  • Updated tips and examples
  • Fixed display issue where some holdings subfields could show up as non-MARC subfields
  • Error status icon now displays correctly for automation systems using 4-part Call Numbers
  • Allow *.txt file uploads
  • Added multi-file upload capibility
  • Increased upload limit to 1 MB files and 500 total records in My Records grid.
  • Improved first time loading of My Records grid
  • Search and Catalog tabs now combined into Create tab.
    • Search for a record and if not found, create it with fields filled in automatically.
  • Redesigned My records tab
    • Display records in a grid format
    • Customized column order, resize, sort, hide/show
    • Show 1 row per holding when sorting by Call Number or Barcode, show 1 row per ISBN when sorting by ISBN, otherwise show 1 row per record
    • Status column shows errors or warnings at a glance
    • Filter on text in a given column
    • Preferences stored between sessions
  • Updated to MARC Bibiliographic Update 21
  • Added new Sound Recording - Musical Record and Sound Recording - Non-musical Record material types.
  • Enhanced display for larger monitors
  • Support vendor records with 4-part call numbers when LAS uses 1-part call numbers
  • Automatically handle 344 in RDA conversions
  • Subject Browser now supports 600, 610, 611, and 630 subject fields
  • New import file uploader - fixes upload problems with Firefox 39.0+
  • Athena added to Library Automation Systems list for holdings
  • Barcodes no longer required for users who prefer to have their LAS add them. A warning is generated instead of an error.
  • For Atriuum and Concourse users, convert various unsupported MARC-8 characters to lower supported equivalents
  • Updated support center
  • Added link to Library Automation System import instructions in Download Center.
  • Changed ISBD punctuation for some subfields preceeding $v to preceed ; with a space.
  • Updated number of default 650s in cataloger to 5 (up from 2)
  • Added customizable default fields and subfields for each material type. Set what you want in the MARC editor and choose Default fields/subfields > Save from this record from the Material type menu.
  • Moved RDA Toolkit and LOC documentation buttons to Tips header
  • Moved Rules help to Tips footer when it exists
  • Added Errors and Warnings pane that performs automatic MARC error checking as you catalog. Checking is based on MARC rules, the type of material you are cataloging, and your profile settings.
  • Fixed IE bug in Tutorial
  • When pasting data from other websites or resources, data is cleaned for MARC use
  • Catalog new record UI changed to categorized menu
  • Updated Destiny copy/holdings terminology and sequence
  • Fixed Destiny copy/holdings export issue with $x subfield
  • Added Profile screen used to store new and future library and cataloging options. The following options are now available:
    • Library Automation System enables copy/holdings editing based on your LAS
    • Default Holdings options to set defaults when adding new copy/holdings
    • Standard/Advanced MARC editing moved from Preferences screen into Profile
    • Automatic/Manual ISBD Punctuation controls whether the MARC editor will automatically update the ISBD Punctuation on Save
    • Cataloging Standard controls whether new records and records found from searching will be AACR2 or RDA
    • MARC Encoding controls whether to export as MARC-8 or UCS/Unicode
    • Reading Program settings which automatically add selected reading program data to MARCs found during searches
  • Search/Catalog displays a message directing users without a Profile to fill it out
  • Added Holdings editing pane in MARC editor
  • Updated default RDA fields for various material types
  • LC Genre/Form Terms in Subject Explorer now added as 655 #7 $a [Term] $2 lcgft
  • Added RDA batch conversions
  • Added code list for filling out 040 $e
  • Added Change Subfield function to directly change a subfield's identifier
  • Subject Explorer now retains selected subjects between searches without the need to add and reopen each time
  • Updated Saved records user interface
    • Added Duplicate record function
    • Added record selection checkbox
  • Finish tab allows export of just selected records
  • Updated subjects in Subject Explorer
    • Sears 21
    • Library of Congress
    • Library of Congress Children's
    • Library of Congress Genre forms
    • Increased number of subjects nearly 50%


  • Publishers and dates in 264 now display properly in Saved records list
  • Updated to latest MARC Bibiliographic Update 19
  • Advanced MARC editor, for Leader and Control field editing
  • Improved all existing material type templates and added more than 30 new types including Playaways, catographic materials, and Blu-ray discs
  • Clicking 'Cancel' now only confirms if changes to the record are detected
  • Improved memory management
  • Nonfiling-indicator for 130, 222, 240, 242, 243, 245, 440, 630, 730, 740, and 830 are now updated automatically when title is changed
  • Title added entry indicator (245 Indicator 1) is automatically set based on presence of 1xx fields
  • 245 indicators can now be edited through the indicators dialog
  • Added Autocomplete for typing in fields associated with Code Lists (ie. 100 $e)
  • Added Duplicate Subfield menu item for Repeatable subfields
  • Added ability to Import records into the Saved Records list
  • Added button to link to Library of Congress help website for the selected field
  • Added Convert abbreviations feature to RDA dialog to automatically update abbreviations to RDA-compliant ones
  • Added support for the full MARC-8 character set in the editor and in the downloaded MARC file
  • Improved client-side cataloger performance
  • Added ability to delete completed files from the Download Center
  • New Tools --> View / Print… menu item to let user view the MARC with updated punctuation or print it
  • Subject Explorer’s genre browse now offers the option to view LC genres
  • Various RDA rules, examples, tips updates
  • Subfields with changes from the original are now highlighted to indicate that there are changes in that subfield
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